The Artful Science of Cyanotypes with Ansel Oommen

Poison Ivy_Ansel_ Oommen.jpg

One part art and one part science, the cyanotype is as mesmerizing as it is methodical. Invented by chemist John Herschel and popularized by botanist Anna Atkins, the cyanotype has a rich history that has touches on both architecture and alternative photography. Discover how to harness the power of sunlight and create beautiful botanical prints, guided step-by-step by scientist and artist Ansel Oommen. Learn which plants work best for cyanotypes and how to arrange them to create your own dreamy, ethereal piece.

Date: Sunday, April 29

Time:  10 - 12PM

Ticket Price: $40

About Ansel Oommen:

Ansel Oommen is an urban naturalist and a clinical laboratory scientist-in-training at the New York Methodist Hospital Center for Allied Health Education. He is also a research assistant for the Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene and a voluntary research assistant at the New York Botanical Garden. Drawing from his eclectic background, he developed a new combination process for creating botanical cyanotypes in 2016.

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