Commercial Compost 101 with McEnroe Organic Farm

Photo Courtesy Eco18

Photo Courtesy Eco18

Growers, from home gardeners to commercial farmers, are returning to compost as a key tool for bringing fertility to their soil. Meanwhile businesses of all sizes are seeking ways to reduce the amount of food waste they send to landfills. Erich McEnroe will lead participants through the entire life cycle of a commercial compost operation that receives a significant amount of food waste material from food wholesalers, commercial cafeterias, and others throughout New York City. Students of all ages will leave this class with a deep understanding of exactly what it takes to turn urban food waste into rich fertile compost, or as some like to call it - black gold. 

McEnroe Organic Soil Products will be available for purchase!

Date: Sunday, April 29

Time: 10AM (30-minute presentation plus Q+A)

Ticket Price: FREE with purchase of event ticket entry.

About McEnroe Organic Farm:

McEnroe Organic Farm has been NOFA-NY Certified Organic for over 25 years; it is one of New York's oldest and most diverse certified organic farms and stands at over 1,100 acres of fields, pastures, and greenhouses. They are also one of the largest organic city food waste compost companies and have been at the forefront of large-scale organic compost production for decades.