Newtown Creek Ecology: Citizen Science with Newtown Creek Alliance

Photo via  Brownstoner

Photo via Brownstoner

Join Newtown Creek Alliance and learn how to participate in a valuable citizen science project using just a smart phone and your interest in the biodiversity surrounding Newtown Creek and the greater urban environment. Using the App iNaturalist, Newtown Creek Alliance will walk you through the steps to participate in one of the largest bio-blitzes world-wide as well as introduce you to their own work documenting the vascular plants within 100 meters around Newtown Creek.

Date: Sunday, April 29

Time: 12-1PM

Ticket Price: FREE with purchase of event ticket entry.

About Newtown Creek Alliance:

The Newtown Creek Alliance is a community-based organization dedicated to restoring, revealing, and revitalizing Newtown Creek. They work to restore community health, water quality, habitat, access, and vibrant commerce along Newtown Creek. Since 2002, the Alliance has served as a catalyst for effective community action and their efforts have made a positive and enduring impact on the health and quality of life of Creek-side communities.