Exploring the Urban Microcosmos

with Sally Warring / Pondlife and The NY Microscopical Society*


Microbes live all around us. They thrive in water, soil, and even your own body. Come along on an urban adventure and learn how to recognize the visible signs of microscopic life in urban environments. We'll view samples collected from urban locations up to four hundred times magnified to get up close and personal with some of the charismatic critters that live in this urban microcosmos. Learn about microbiology, and the techniques behind microscopy and microbe identification.

Date: Saturday, April 28

Time: 3-5PM

Ticket Price: $35

About Pondlife + Sally Warring:

Pondlife is run by Sally Warring. Sally is a biologist and a science communicator based in New York City. 

Sally has a B.Sc. with Honors in botany from the University of Melbourne in Australia (although she's from New Zealand), and a Ph.D. in genomics and molecular biology from New York University.  She's currently a postdoctoral research scholar at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. 

Sally is an experienced science communicator and documentarian working in film, TV, radio, social media, and print.

*The New York Microscopical Society is a not for profit educational organization dedicated to study, instruction and practice of microscopy and microanalysis..

**Admission to UNDERSTORY is free with the purchase of a workshop ticket.