Soil Basics with NYC Urban Soils Institute

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Soil Basics workshop is designed to cover the fundamentals of soil as a system. It will focus on such topics as fundamentals of soil fertility, pH, macro- and micro-nutrients, soil organisms, organic amendments, soil texture and structure. Each participant will be able to perform tests on their own samples for macro-nutrients (NPK), pH and texture as part of the workshop. Testing kits will be provided to each participant.

Date: Saturday, April 28

Time: 10AM-1PM

Ticket Price: $45

About Anna Paltseva:

Anna Paltseva grew up on a farm in Russia and has a background in Ecology and Nature Management. She is pursuing a doctorate degree in Earth and Environmental Sciences from the CUNY Graduate Center and has been working on a project that assesses the bio-availability of heavy metals in urban soils at Soils Lab at Brooklyn College. She is a teacher at Brooklyn College, New York Botanical Garden and Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Currently Anna serves as a Program Coordinator at NYC Urban Soils Institute.

*Admission to UNDERSTORY is free with the purchase of a workshop ticket.